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Pros: For the money the Fisher F2 Metal Detector is hard to beat for the entry level hobbyist. It has just about everything you would want in a metal detector at this price point.
Cons: Not the best performer in wet conditions.

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The Fisher F2 is a highly recommended entry level metal detector. It is easy to use, versatile and durable. It is very good at penetrating a diversity of soils and sands. For the price it is hard to beat the Fisher F2 and the Fisher brand is very well respected in the Metal Detecting world.

Recommended for:

  • Coin Shooting
  • Relic Hunting
  • Beach Hunting

  • 8-Segment visual Target Identification and 4-tone audio ID
  • Fast, sensitive target response
  • 2-digit numeric target value
  • One-touch pinpoint with numeric depth readout
  • Coin depth indicator in motion search mode
  • Ergonomic S-Handle design
  • Notch system for accepting or rejecting target categories

  • 8” concentric searchcoil
  • Lightweight - only 2.6 lbs (including batteries)
  • Includes two 9 volt alkaline batteries
  • Operating frequency: 5.9 kHz

Company Information:
Fisher Labs
1465-H Henry Brennan
El Paso, Texas 79936 USA
T: (915) 225 0333 | Toll Free: 1(800) 685 5050

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