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Pros: All the features of mid to upper level metal detector at a entry level price tag
Cons: Buyer beware, this is a Chinese import that is rebranded under different names.

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American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector is a knock off metal detector manufactured in China. It is branded under different names depending on the distribution channel of the unit. A tad ironic in that the name of this metal detector implies that it is American made.

This model of the metal detector is the more advanced version of the American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector. Experiences with American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector have been up and down but generally the device works adequately. The price for this detector as with many electronic imports from China is all over the place. It has been listed for as little as $99 to over $180.

This incarnation of the  metal detector usually comes with a set of headphones that appear to be get the job done, a carrying case and a free battery. The display is LCD and the coil that is shipped with the unit is water proof for shallow water searches.

The unit has all the functionality of a mid to upper range metal detector. It has modes for all metal, discrimination and notch filtering. Sensitivity is fully adjustable and it has an auto ground balancing setting and motion detection setting for tonal alerts for different metal types.

The unit seems almost to good to be true for this price tag. However, given my experience with Chinese imports, I can only see American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector as being no more than a feature rich entry level metal detector.

  • LCD displays Type of object found and depth.
  • Operation modes: All Metal, Discrimination, Notch Filter
  • Micro Processor controlled will display type of object found.
  • Auto Ground Balance
  • Comfortable Arm support
  • Adjustable Aluminum Stem
  • Free Battery, Carry Bag and Headphone
  • Buzzer sounds and LED lights up when metal is detected
  • Sensitivity Adjustment Control
  • Option between detecting all metals or motion discrimination to distinguish ferrous and nonferrous materials
  • Signal strength meter determines target depth and size
  • Three adjusting knobs for sensitivity, discrimination threshold and volume control
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Three tones to indicate different types of metal
  • Locates gold, silver, copper, aluminum, platinum, and more

  • Waterproof search coil: 8 inches
  • Current: 25mA(static), 30mA(dynamic)
  • Max. sensitivity: >5.9 inches (for a US Quarter)
  • Headphone jack: 1/8
  • Frequency: 6.6 kHz
  • Power: two 9 volt battery
  • Length From Search Coil to handle: 50 inches
  • Length From Search Coil to View Meter: 37.4 inches
  • Internal Speaker
  • Frequency: 6.6 kHz approx
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Two 9V batteries required (included)
  • Internal Speaker

Company Information:
Distributor specific as this metal detector is a imported product from China

American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector Manual: