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It is awfully hard to text with a metal detector in your hands.

A metal detector for kids was but a dream when my Father purchased his first metal detector. It was one of the first metal detectors in Kansas city.  Metal detecting was only a small niche market. Prospectors, hunting gold nuggets, were the only ones using them back then.

When these machines were in use all the coins were gold, silver, nickel and copper. Due to the Coinage Act of 1965, 1964 was the last year of silver coinage in the United States. The exception was the Kennedy half dollars which was still forty percent silver until 1970. So metal detecting back then was quite profitable if we calculate todays silver price into the equation.

Even before I had my own metal detector I remember going with my Father to coin hunt. Following him around and learning what he was doing. He allowed me to dig targets when he thought I was ready. In the 1970s a quarter could buy a lot of penny candy. He never wore headphones so we could talk the whole time. I remember a lot of good times with my Father at the park or high school.

Walking with him as he swung his detector side to side, we would talk about all kinds of things not just about metal detecting. It was our time to hang out and do what men do, hunt for treasure. We were modern day prospectors. A metal detector made just for a kid like me would have been nice. I could hardly carry his old Coinmaster, let alone use it properly. That machine probably weighted 25-30 pounds. It had more dials, knobs, and switches than an airplane. The first Whites Coinmasters where definetly made with function over form. The advances in technology since has made a metal detectors more practical.

My first machine was a Mustang. That’s all I can remember about it. It was a simple machine with a knob that turned it on and it also adjusted the volume. That was it. Very similar to the Elenco model metal detector for kids with beep alert. This model does have a sensitivity adjustment for greater depth. The search coil is hollow in the middle for better target acquistion. So young hunters will have an easier time of knowing where to dig. The price is very nice also. Well under fifty dollars. This unit would make a nice first metal detector for kids.

I remember my Father complaining that he could have almost bought me nice full size unit for what he paid for that Mustang. That’s what is important in deciding which metal detector to purchase for a youngster. It has to fit their hands and not be too heavy, or complicated. That will take the fun out of it.

My little Mustang was light as a feather. I could use it all day. I found a lot of coins and stuff with that little unit. It did not have a discriminator so I dug every signal. Which is good practice for young hunters. Half the battle is finding your target after you get a signal. I’m ashamed to say I still, to this day, “give up” on some holes, because I can’t find the target in the hole. It’s rare, however It does happen.

The easier the metal detector makes target acquisition, the more kids are going to stay interested. You could buy the American Hawks Explorer II metal detector . This is not necessarily a metal detector for kids, however it is light and as far as target acquisition it doesn’t get any easier. This metal detector will show what type of object and the depth. It also has a discriminator and automatic ground balance which gives you a good depth ability. This metal detector’s features out weight the modest price. This could be used as a kid’s metal detector, however I would at least wait until their teens.

I eventually wore my little Mustang metal detector out. I then had the ability I needed to move up and on to bigger and better things. No more metal detector for kids for this guy. It was time to move into the world of the big boys. Father and I went to a shop and started looking around.

The prices where really pretty steep unless we were looking at the most basic metal detectors. At least two hundred dollars for a new model. A metal detector for kids was about fifty dollars. However I had out grown those models. I had a good understanding of the hobbie and a desire to step up. So we started to look at used metal detectors they had on site there.

They were trade ins and that was fine with me because there were no metal detectors for kids on the rack. For the first time I had my choice of a Garrett or a Fisher and I think a Bounty Hunter. I looked at the Fisher. It recalled memories of Mel Fisher the explorer/treasure hunter who found the wreck of the Atocha years before. He was a famous treasure hunter. My Father thought Mel Fisher was the Chuck Norris of the day. Mel Fisher didn’t find treasure, treasure found Mel Fisher.

I checked out the Fisher it was a motion metal detector, which meant for it to work it had to be moving. I was not used to that, plus it only had one button. I was ready for the button, knob and switch machine. That would be the Garrett. It definetly was not a metal detector for kids. It also took four 9 volt batteries, the Fisher only took two 9 volts. Plus it cost more than the Fisher.

It had to be the Garrett, it had more buttons and batteries. Little did I realise that was a mistake I would live with for the next 5 years. I wish the Ace 150 by Garrett could have been there. This machine is nice and would have served me well for years, or something like the Fisher F2 metal detector . These machines are top metal detectors for kids. Probably not for younger, beginning treasure hunters, however a youngster with some experience would definitely appreciate these metal detectors.

A good beginning metal detector for kids would be the Bounty Hunter BHJS junior metal detector . This nice unit features a discriminator and a target indicator that will show signal strength. It will go deep enough but not too deep as to make target retrieval difficult. The light weight makes it fun to use and won’t wear your kid out.

The old Garrett I had would wear you down, after a while you had enough. Remember we want metal detectors for kids to be fun and easy to use. Let’s go spend some time in the park together. Let’s do a road trip to a historic part of the state. It’s all about spending time together anyway. A metal detectors for a kid can be the avenue to do just that. Like I wrote earlier, I remember fondly the times Father and I spent together.

Who says it has to be a boy’s sport anyway? The Winbest Pro Edition medal detector by Barska would be a nice metal detector for kids, girls or boys. It’s light enough and has good features for a meager price. Complete with discriminator and ground balance it will reach deep enough to get some good coins.

Metal detectors for kids can range from complicated to easy. It’s really up to the buyer or child to decide what level they want to go into. If it’s the beginner then there’s plenty of options for good machines at a great price. Even the top entry level machines are very economically priced. The neat thing about all this is that used correctly and often enough the metal detector will pay for it’s self. Not just in found treasure, but the value of time spent with your family having a good, wholesome, fun time. More and more our kids are doing things away from the family unit. Playing their video or computer game, or texting their friends ignoring their family. It is awfully hard to text with a metal detector in your hands.

Good Digging!!

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