Amazing Metal Detector Finds from Around the World


Metal detectors are in use all around the world today; and they’ve found some amazing things! Here are just a few of the treasures recently found by metal detectorists to give you an idea of the fun, and the return on their investment some people enjoy when they purchase a metal detector.


Given its extensive and rich history as well as its strong population of metal detectorists, England is an area where there has been a great deal of treasure unearthed. One of the biggest metal detecting hauls in England came In 2012 when 2 detectorists found 50,000 celtic coins from 25BC in a farm yard. The theory is that the original owner(s) of the coins stashed them so Julius Caesar couldn’t find them – and obviously they were successful!

Other large treasure hoards found with a metal detector in England include:

The Wickham Market Hoard – A metal detectorist unearthed 840 stater coins from the Iron Age; one of the largest hauls from this time period.

The Hoxne Hoard – Found in Suffolk, England, the Hoxne Hoard is the largest collection of Roman coins from the 4th and 5th centuries found coming in at nearly 15,000 bronze, silver, and gold coins.

Staffordshire Hoard – The 3,500 items in the Staffordshire Hoard is the largest discovery of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver metal work that’s been found to date.


After metal detecting for about an hour on his first outing with a machine ever, a Scottish man found 4 torcs, or neck rings from the Iron Age made from gold, silver, and copper. Not only is this find worth a great deal of money, it’s also incredibly relevant to historians because these necklaces show links between the various tribes in the area at the time who were previously thought to have lived without interacting.

The United States

Although this may not be the biggest find in North America one of our favorite amazing metal detector stories to come from this area of the world is about a 7 year old boy from the state of Virginia. While out hunting with his neighbor using a brand new metal detector he was just given for his birthday a week ago, this young metal detectorist found a rare lightweight cavalry sword from the 1840s or 50s.


In January 2013 a man using a hand held metal detector found a gold nugget weighing over 177 ounces outside of Ballarat, Australia. Although the man was an amateur gold prospector for years, this was his first gold nugget that weighed over an ounce. With gold prices currently around $20 per ounce and rising, this giant gold nugget is an amazing, and valuable metal detecting find indeed.

As you can see it really is true that metal detectors can provide their users with a surprisingly high return on their investment. Selecting a metal detector is your first step. That said, most metal detectorists would tell you that you should never begin metal detecting just to get rich quick. Instead, think of metal detecting as a fun hobby that gets you up and outside for exercise, takes you to new and exciting places, teaches you about history, and, just happens to have the potential to help you find treasure beyond your wildest dreams!

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