A “Good Find” when purchasing a metal detector

How To Purchase A Metal Detector

Great treasure hunting starts with a great metal detector. The hunt for the right machine should take you a little time. Do not hurry in purchasing the machine. The right features and accommodations will make your hunt for treasure a lot more enjoyable and easy. It starts with a comfortable platform, not too heavy, not too light. An easily readable display and audio that that you can hear above background noise are important. Do not get over complicated with operational parameters unless you are comfortable with technology. Where and what conditions your new machine will be used is also important. Keeping these factors in mind, combined with a little guidance and information, you are well on your way to purchasing the right machine for your specific needs. This way will give you years of productive, pain-free, treasure hunting.

Look Over The Features

Too many times I have rushed to purchase a machine only to discover that it was not what I really wanted. This can be very disheartening and even lead to not going out coin hunting because you find you just do not like using the machine. So take a little time and look over the features for yourself. It is great to read testimonials and talk to other treasure hunters. However, it ultimately comes down to you. You will be the one taking the machine out and using it, hunting and finding the treasure you are looking for.

Comfort Is Key

I started treasure hunting over 40 years ago. My father had a Whites metal detector in the 1960’s. The metal detectors then where not light. They weighted quite a bit, and you would get worn out swinging that machine all day, not to mention picking it up and down. There were no discriminators back then so you dug every target.

Needless to say, you worked for your finds. The handles where hard, uncomfortable, plastic bicycle grips and the bodies where metal boxes. Today it is a lot different. Plastic, aluminum and even graphite make up the detectors today. They are much lighter and ergonomically designed to work with your body. However, you still need to pay attention to some aspects of their design.

The curve in the handle, does it fit your size hand. Is the arm rest sitting comfortable and tight against your arm when you are swinging the machine. Does your arm slip out of the arm rest easy enough when you kneel down to probe your target, or do you have to wrestle it off. Most machines are light nowadays, however, they can be too light and hard to control. You want it to rest on the ground and ride over the top of the surface your metal detecting. You do not want to have to hold it above the surface. This will wear you out eventually, I do not care how light the machine feels at first.

Hunt or Find

Do you want a display or an audio signal only machine. The more advanced a machine you purchase the more advanced the display. This is fantastic if you’re capable of programming and utilizing all the variables that go along with it. New machines are capable of reading the depth of your target and the composition, thus eliminating “bad” targets. I find this takes some of the mystery out of the hunt.

Every great treasure hunt needs and deserves to have some mystery attached to it. It wouldn’t be called treasure hunting if it didn’t. It would be called treasure finding. I still prefer a machine with an easy to read signal strength meter and a loud audio signal. Using a metal detector with Headphones is nice, but I find they limit my mobility. Some instances would require headphones, such as loud background noise or you may want to limit your output volume for stealth purposes.

Where You Looking

Importantly is where you are going to look for treasure. This will help determine, what specific treasure you are planning on looking for and how. There are machines that will go deep underwater and locate sunken treasure on the sea floor. There are machines that can be set up for finding gold nuggets on land and in streams. They have machines that are great for combing beaches, and machines that are set up to search your local park or in your backyard.

Again where you are searching and what conditions you are searching under will determine the type of machine you need. Most metal detectors are universal. They will do most treasure hunting under average conditions. A lot of today’s search coils are waterproof which allows you to use it on the beach and in the surf. It is easy digging a target after a rain and the ground is wet, which does require a waterproof search coil. So try and think ahead and determine where you might want to use your new metal detector. Purchasing a machine with a waterproof search coil is almost a necessity nowadays and most will have it already.

So remember the things I’ve mentioned here when purchasing a new metal detector. It will serve you well. The last thing you want is to own a metal detector you do not want to use. Trust me, I have owned a few and it slowed my treasure hunting way down. I would get so aggravated every time I went out that I stopped going out for awhile until I got another one. That machine had everything I needed and was super comfortable to use. I could swing it for hours without a break. The controls were at my finger tip when I had my hand on the curved handle and the armrest fit my arm perfect. I could set the machine down in an instant and have both hands free. It was audio target alert only and I could tell if it was a good target or not from the sound it made. That’s how much I used that metal detector, why? Because it was so comfortable to use. So that is really the key my friends. Find a machine that feels comfortable in your hand. That is the start, the rest will come naturally with use.

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