magnetism grew from an occult power with limited domain to a central, universal force
— Faraday, M., Experimental Researches in Electricity, 1855

I would like to both welcome and thank you for visiting Tip Top Metal Detectors! It is with joy and pleasure that I present you with this website.

I grew up spending a large portion of my youth metal detecting. Though, I do not get out as much as I used to these days, I have a great love for this past time. Now in my forties, I began to feel obliged to share and inspire others about the hobby that has given me so much joy.

My desire is to not only contribute to the hobby of metal detecting but to provide a useful and informative resource that beginners and experts alike can walk away from feeling entertained and educated in some way.

The original idea of this website was to provide just reviews for as many metal detecting machines and devices as I could find. But, as I began posting these reviews, I was soon distracted by the urge to make this site something more.

I have insights and stories to share. I am very interested in the science and technology of metal detecting. Electromagnetism is like some voodoo black magical art. I think the history of the metal detector is fascinating.  It has evolved from a prospection to a salvation and along the way to a fantastic and rewarding hobby.

One thing was steadfast in my creation of this site. My dedication to providing only the highest quality information. I want to take the information base of metal detecting to the next level. I want people to enjoy learning about this exhilarating hobby.

Tip Top Metal Detectors Goals:

  1. To do my due diligence though research and investigation.
  2. To find the truth through the eyes of actual users at all experience levels and through personal experience.
  3. To provide honest opinions and sincere assessments.
  4. To be as open and helpful to you, the reader, as is possible.
  5. To go above and beyond in providing helpful supporting resources.
  6. Most importantly, to educate and elevated the knowledge base of the metal detecting community both individually and as a whole.

I think of this site as an excuse to spent more time learning about my favorite hobby. But, in reality, I created this site for you, the hobbyist, as a resource for you to take to even greater heights.

I humbly encourage you to add comments to the posts and to assist our community by imparting your experiences with personal reviews of the listed metal detectors and tools. I also encourage you to subscribe to our email list to receive the latest-greatest posts and reviews. In being a part of the audience, I will be sure to let you know of any special offers, freebies or cool events I may offer in the future or that I run across.

Lastly,  if you would like to contact me directly, please use the form here. I would especially like to hear about any topics or ideas you may have for future reviews and posts.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the content presented on this site. I hope that this information proves advantageous in both your quest for the ultimate treasure trove and the perfect metal detector to find said ultimate treasure trove.

Good Luck in your endeavors,

John Brunelle